Children's Eye Care

Good eyesight is the key to every child’s future

Without good vision children can suffer from enormous setbacks to their learning and development. Many children and parents do not realise that there is an underlying visual problem until they have been examined.

Lunettes Opticians in Lincolnshire can examine children from any age with a range of tests using modern equipment. Ideally children should be screened to rule out eye conditions before their first birthday and have further checks at 18months and 3years. After this, an annual eye examination is recommended but there are circumstances where we may need to carry out examinations more frequently.

boy and girl wearing glasses
group of children wearing glasses
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Warning signs of visual problems:

  • Excessive blinking
  • Sore/ red eyes
  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Sitting close to the TV or holding books very close
  • Poor performance at school

A Wide Range Available

Lunettes Opticians offer a wide range of funky modern frames for children. We stock many leading brands including Ray Ban, Converse and ted Baker. We also have a range of quality styles which are supplied at no charge under the NHS.

We supply standard plastic lenses FREE with the NHS voucher although these can be upgraded to tougher, thinner, light reactive or specially coated lenses for an extra charge. We also provide sports specific spectacles and prescription sunglasses for children. We can advise on the most suitable lens options when the glasses are dispensed.

young baby having an eye test

Myopia Control: Protecting your child's future vision

Myopia means short-sightedness. The aim of myopia control is to slow down, or halt, the progression of myopia in children and teenangers.

The risk factors for onset of myopia are both genetic and environmental, these inslude:

  • Having one or both parents with myopia
  • Being of East-Asian ethnic origin
  • Spending limited time outdoors

Becoming myopic before nine years old may increase the risk of developing a higher level of myopia. Higher levels of myopia in adulthood will slightly increase the risk of developing myopia-related sightloss from conditions such as retinal detachments, glaucoma and myopic retinal degeneration.

Myopia management involves wearing specialist:


  • On average, myopia managements may result in a 40% to 60% slowing of myopia progression
  • There may be a lower risk of myopia-relted sight loss in adulthood
  • EyeDream offers children the freedom to swim, play sports without the restriction of spectacles or contact lenses


  • Some people's vision may be marginally less clear during treatment
  • There is a risk of complications from wearing contact lenses
  • You have to pay for myopia management and it is more expensive than traditional glasses or contact lenses
  • We don't know if the long term benefits outweigh the costs and risks

Simple ways to care for your child's eye health at home include:

  • Spending more time outdoors, a minimum 2 hours a day is recommended
  • Take regular breaks from long, intesive screen time or near work
  • Attend regualr eye examinations
  • Ensure good posture, proper lighting and set a comfortable working distance

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As an Independent Optician, Lunettes Opticians in Lincolnshire are able to supply a large range of frames.

What our customers are saying

"I cannot compliment Lunettes highly enough. In the days where everything is trying to move online or automate, Lunettes show the benefits of personal service and caring for the individual."

"All the staff are extremely professional and over the 10 years I have been using them they have invested hugely in the latest state of the art optical equipment."

"Delighted with both pair’s of glasses I collected this morning, (Grantham Opticians) love the style and so comfortable. Excellent service as alway’s."

"Very professional, state of the art equipment and an amazing selection of frames for all budgets and tastes. I travel 30 miles to come to Lunettes."

"The help, time and care they gave to my 91 year old dad was phenomenal. Best service I have received anywhere all year."

"Fantastic service offered here... my own local opticians could not supply a particular brand of sunglasses that I required... one trip here and then a week later I had my new sunnies."

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