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Introducing Eyezen - innovative lens technology for the digital age

It's time to think about glasses in a totally new way

Eyezen lenses offer a modern solution to the modern problems of blue-violet light and visual fatigue. Essilor have developed two lens innovations to do this: eye protect system and eyezen focus combined. Using unique technology, eyezen lenses are designed to protect the eyes of those who lead a digitally connected life, by preventing eye fatigue, improving readability, and reducing light glare — regardless of whether you need prescription glasses or not.

What is blue-violet light?

In the visible colour spectrum (what we can see around us every day), blue-violet light sits on the very edge, right next to the harmful, non-visible ultraviolet (uv) light. It’s a high energy colour, due its short wavelength, which means, like uv light, it can be harmful to our eyes. It can potentially cause eye fatigue and dry eyes.

We experience blue-violet light mainly from the sun, and it’s what makes the sky blue, but we also find it artificially from fluorescent and led lighting.

Today, we live in a fully connected world, with our eyes being exposed to blue-violet light constantly, so we’ve taken steps to fight back.

See. Protect. Prevent.

Eyezen is a range of eye protection lenses designed for those who live a connected life. Whether you work in a digital environment, are a regular video game marathon enthusiast, or hooked on social media, eyezen lenses may aid in reducing eyestrain throughout the day.

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