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Eyesight issues in lockdown

The last eleven months have changed how everyone lives their lives, from working from home to organising home-schooling. It has presented us with new challenges to face as we adjust to lockdowns and restrictions, and our habits have undoubtedly changed drastically.


According to a survey carried out by Fight for Sight, one such change has led to an increased time using digital screens. Many of us are now communicating with colleagues, customers and friends via video calls, texts and emails more than ever before. Coupled with less of us going for an eye exam due to the pandemic, there’s an increased risk of experiencing eyesight issues during the lockdown.


A Fight for Sight report found results from a YouGov poll, demonstrating an increase in screen time and its impact on vision. 49% of respondents said their screen time had increased since the pandemic began, with 21% stating they were less likely to attend an eye test, for fear of catching or spreading the virus.




Focusing on anything close-up for a long time, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones, can result in discomfort better known as Computer Vision Syndrome. A third of those surveyed believed their eyesight has worsened through lockdown, with some experiencing migraines, difficulty reading and poorer night vision.


Looking at a screen all day can result in eye fatigue. After just 20 minutes of looking at a nearby object, our visual ability weakens and can result in headaches, neck pain or blurry vision. Our eyes must continuously refocus each time digital screens refresh, making our eyes work even harder to see clearly.




You can protect your vision and reduce the risk of eyesight issues in several ways. Firstly, consider the 20-20-20 rule throughout your day. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help your eyes to rest momentarily from close-up work.


However, there are long term solutions available to support your vision from prolonged screen use. Eyezen lenses are single vision lenses designed to prevent and reduce eye strain. So, if you’re working on your laptop, catching up with friends on a video call or gaming on a console, protect and prolong your vision with the right lenses.






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