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Choosing the best lenses for driving

4 million motorists circulate the roads around the UK (1). People spend more and more time on the road, with Britons spending on average 10 hours a week on driving compared to just 3.7 hours spent walking, 2.7 hours showering and 4.6 hours socialising with friends and family (2).

Driving is one of many daily activities that require clear, uninterrupted vision. Whether you only drive to work and back, or you take frequent trips to multiple destinations, being able to see the road and other drivers is crucial for your and others’ safety.

Good vision when driving isn’t just necessary for your safety; it’s also a legal requirement. Rule 92 in the Highway Code states that ‘you must be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of 20m. You risk a hefty fine and points on your license if you are not able to do this. Police can require you to take an eyesight test, with roadside eye tests now being implemented across regions of the UK. It is important to have regular eye examinations to fully check your vision and determine if you require corrective lenses.

Similarly, Rule 237 of the Highway Code states that ‘if you are dazzled by bright sunlight, slow down and if necessary, stop’. This means that you will likely need a pair of lenses when driving; either corrective lenses or lenses to shield you from the bright sun. With that in mind, here are some of the best lenses for driving that you should consider.

Varifocal lenses for driving

Varifocal lenses are designed to correct presbyopia, whereby the wearer needs some visual aid in seeing near, far and intermediate distances. Having clear vision across all 3 vision zones is crucial for driving safely and confidently on the road. It’s so important to wear your varifocal lenses when driving, even if you’re only going down the road.

Varilux Road Pilot is our varifocal lens that is specifically designed to enhance visual comfort when driving. Varilux Road Pilot has been created to offer wider fields of vision and optimised for your driving vision needs to maximise your visual capacity.

One of the biggest problems with vision when driving is night-time driving, when light conditions are poor, and reflections are more frequent.  With Crizal Drive, your lenses can help to reduce reflections and glare, making it easier to drive at night.

Sun protection lenses for driving

With summer only around the corner, you might want to consider sun protection lenses for driving. Whether you’re driving to the coast for a holiday, spending the sunny days visiting friends and family or just driving to and from work, you’re bound to spend a lot of time on the road.

Polarised lenses are specifically designed to eliminate bright and unwanted reflections which are common when driving on sunny days. You have no doubt experienced blinding reflections from the road surface and other cars as you drive, which can be incredibly distracting. Wearing polarised lenses for driving can enhance your visual comfort and make it safer for driving.

Xperio Polarised lenses offer enhanced colour perception compared to tinted lenses, making it easier to see in bright light conditions and offer the highest level of UV protection within the Essilor range. This is incredibly important to maintain healthy eyes and vision.

(1) Eyecare Trust, October 2014
(2) The Telegraph, www.telegraph.co.uk, January 2011

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