3D OCT Scans

We offer the latest in Digital Retinal Scanning technology

Using modern OCT scanning and imaging equipment, we are able to take photographs and scan the layers of the front and back of the eye. This gives an accurate record of the health of the eyes and, by looking for and tracking subtle changes in the images, it is extremely useful in diagnosing and screening for ocular conditions. We are also able to print or email a copy of your retinal images to other medical professionals if necessary, or let you have a copy for your own records.

3D OCT Scan Equipment
3D OCT Scans Data
3D OCT Scans Data
Lady with 3D OCT Scan Equipment

Benefits of 3D OCT Scans

  • Capture an image of the back of the eye
  • Monitor any changes which may occur there.
  • Gives a more detailed look at the retina allowing a faster
  • More reliable diagnosis.
  • Images can be stored and recalled at a later date to compare any changes.
  • Pictures can be sent along with any referrals that are made.

Retinal imaging

Retinal imaging can be incorporated as part of a full & comprehensive eye examination. We are able to detect & monitor:

  • Diabetes
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • High blood pressure
3D OCT Scan Equipment

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